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Flat Marker

Also known as "grass" marker, sits almost flush with the ground.  Available in single and companion sizes.


Bevels, also known as "Hickey's", are cut with a slight slope from back to front. They are typically mounted above ground and are easier to locate in the cemetery than flat markers.   Available in single or companion sizes.


Slants have a very steep slope on the face.  The slope makes them easier to read and helps keep them free of moisture and debris.  Slants can be placed on a granite base or directly on the ground.  Available in single or companion sizes.


Known for their tall, freestanding, traditional design.  Upright styles vary, ranging from simple and traditional to personalized sculptures with ornate carvings.  Available in single and companion sizes.

Memorial Benches

Benches, which are placed in both tranquil and inspirational locations like cemeteries, parks, and home gardens, can be used as a monument for your loved one.

Non-Traditional Styles

Non-traditional styles allow for unique expression and customization.

Cremation Memorials

A columbarium can provide a beautiful permanent place for cremated remains in a traditional cemetery setting.

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